Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sometimes I wonder. I wonder WTH this really is all for. I wonder what the point is. I wonder why even try. I wonder.

My daddy was told last week he has prostate cancer. Cancer.Cancer.Cancer. The friggin C word is every where. It is around every flippin' corner. Looming. Waiting.

Why I wonder. Is this "thing" the plague of our time. I've no doubt that that is true. I wonder though, I was never as aware of this damn disease until ironically I began working in Oncology. And it is THERE. It is HERE. It is everywhere and I hate it.hate it.hate it.hate it.hate it.

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  1. Grr, it ate my comment.

    What I was TRYING to say was.. :(

    I'm sorry, Diane!

    Did they catch it early? Prognosis seems pretty good if so, right?