Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday morning is here! Our weekend was good. Didn't do much, but yesterday November 15th, marked 3 years of Mikey's "Happy Hand Day". So hard to believe that 3 years ago he got his "new" hands. That surgery was the hardest one to put him through. I never thought that we would decide to operate o nhis hands, but he needed it. When he was learning to stand, the nubbins would catch on things {one instance required an ER vist, as he nearly ripped on off when it got stuck in a cupboard door}.

He was so cute post op though, with his little boxer hands! Gosh Mikey, you sure amaze Mommy!

I had my pre op done on Saturday morning and I am fit for surgery. My GP's faxed off the required form and I am hoping a date gets set this week. It will be so good to finally have a date! My doc also said that in light of the damage on my left side, it has now caused inflammation of my rotator cuff. I was prescribed anti-inflammatories {yippee for little yellow houses}, but to take them in combo with the T4's, makes for me tol feel yucky! I am grateful though, that I don't get sedated with them however.

I am hoping that this gets resolved soon {the inflammation} as it is making for work to become "hard to do". My typing gets messed up as my left arm/hand on occassion decides to "pass out" on me and I keep making mistakes. Really not a good thing to have happen-very frustrating!

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