Friday, March 26, 2010

Avocado Flowers...

We are trying a fun and interesting experiment--growing avocado flowers. Now I know that sounds weird, especially living in Alberta where we get VERY cold--far from the tropical climates they like! But nonetheless, I am having a good time seeing the changes each day when I come into work; puts a smile on my face!!

I started with an avocado from the grocery store, used the fruit, cleaned the seed. I didn't take pictures of those steps, but I am sure you get what I mean!

Then you need to insert toothpicks (I have a very crazy, serious adversion to "unfinished" wood, so I have to use plastic toothpicks!). You can't put them in too deep, only about 1/2 an inch. I've read online to use 2 toothpicks, but I've only used 2 and it is seeming to work fine.

Then you need to put the contraption in a cup or jar of water. Don't fully cover the seed with water; instead leave some seed exposed at the top (this one could use a little more)

Now the fun game of waiting begins! You will notice that the seed will begin to get crack and that is a good thing! My first one began to crack almost as soon as 24 hours later. The next picture was taken on March 22nd about a week into the project, you can see the root beginning to "pop out"!
This picture was taken today! I was so suprised to come into my office and see the root externally!
You may notice too, that the pictures are actually of 2 seeds that I am growing. I didn't take beginning pictures of the first seed, as I honestly didn't think it would work! So the blue toothpick seed is the first, the green is the second. I have another avocado at home that now is making me itch to do this with the boys at home! I can't wait to begin it with them, so they can watch this right along with me!!
Be sure to check back for updates and more pictures--I almost hate that the weekend is here--I will be so excited to come into work on Monday and see the new progress!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Here is a picture of a picture & the resolution is horrible because I took the picture of a picture off my home PC!!

This was our first Christmas picture as a family. Only we are a couple of kids short!!

I promise that I will get the "real" one uploaded as soon as I can...

This is a picture of Mikey with his very first, brand new toboggan! He had fun trying out the different ones in the store. We (ok, I) had to make sure that he would be able to hold on, use the handles etc, with mittens on. He kept trying to hurry me up by letting me know that he uses crazy carpets at school and "they don't have handles mom, and I can still use them". His tone is becoming funnier each day! Such a little man!

(disclaimer: I really am beginning to loathe blogger's picture uiploading feature. I mean come on, why must they make it so darn difficult to align pictures?)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Year, A New Me

I'm back! I've been back at work since January 4th, 2010, but have been super busy cleaning up, catching up and the like. I really really missed working. That may sound a little crazy to some, but I really did. I love my job. I love my doctors. I love my patients.

I do have a brand spanking new neck, but alas I think they gave me a partially used model ;) The surgery itself was not that bad. The pain was horrible. The philly collar was a nightmare. I go for my post op check {finally} on Jan 21st. I still find my left arm to be affected. At times my neck will tense up and stretch my head to rest on my left shoulder. I do not even know when this is happening. I will have Guy come up to me and tell me to straighten my head; or even better, he will adjust it for me! But when this happens [and moreso throughout the day}, my left arm will be rendered useless. It will flex to a position that is along my body, bending along the front and my hand will be "locked" in an upwards position. Very hard to explain, but it bothers me.

I do find my headaches have drastically lessened which is HUGE for me!! Gone are my times hanging out in a blacked-out bathroom, sitting on the floor with my head between my legs!! woo hoo!!

The boys are doing really well. Liam told me Sunday night that he wants to go work for Safeway {grocery store} when he is 16, until he is 18. Then he will still live with me, but will help us with bills!! OMG my sweet boy is the greatest! Then he decided that Guy makes really good money so he will work with him when he is 18!! Money money money, Liam has always been about the money--right from toddlerhood; making his precious Poppa Tom get out of his favorite couch so he could ransack under the cushions looking for what fell out of Poppa's pockets! Not to mention how he'd literally go through Poppa's pockets because that money was going fall out anyways!!!

Mikey is Mikey. He absolutely is in love with music. He really always has been, but lately he has taken a big interest in instruments. Guy and Pierre are very good at acoustic guitars and Mikey will sit between them just watching {and sneak in a few strums while they are not watching1}. Well Guy bought a mini AG for the boys and Mikey tried. He tried just as he always tries at everything. Guy tells me that it will be impossible for him to play. I don't believe it, but logically I think I know that it will be hard. Mikey's PT said it will be difficult. I don't want to believe that. I went my whole pregnancy & even his first few months of life thinking so many things he wouldn't be able to do--or everything will be difficult. But then he proved me and everyone else wrong. Mikey has been able to do everything and anything. He would always find a way & then I became his biggest fan and supporter.

I feel like if I think he won't be able to play guitar, then I am letting him down as a mom. I have never let him use his hands as an excuse, he's never needed that. What would that make me, if I "give up" on him? I hate feeling like this. I never wanted to use his hands as an excuse, but then I am starting to think that I am lying to myself and to him. ..