Monday, October 26, 2009

Has not been a good Thursday-present...I've been trying to not make a big deal out of things. I have been doing pretty well. I have only been {very} anxiously awaiting my appointment with the Neurosurgeon {to discuss my options for my Cervical Spinal Stenosis} that was rescheduled until November 5th. Time has been going sooo slowly with that one!

Well Thursday night as I was putting on lotion, a habit I do at the same time as checking for enlarged nodes. Which I have been so lucky have not been a problem for some time. I did have a breast mass removed in 2001 which was benign, albeit a "strange cluster of masses, grape-like" is all I can remember the doctor telling me {I had it taken out at the same time I recovering from my botched facial reconstruction {thanks Paul Coffey} and osteomylitis that occured as the result of doctor negligence.

Last year {Feb 2008} I had a tmor removed from my left groin. Biopsy revealed a very rare type of tumor called Angiomyomatous Hamartoma. Even my Oncologists at work have never seen a case of this benign tumor. Following this, I had to have an MRI & CT scan both before and after I went in to the ICU for urosepsis and DIC. I was found to have a mass within my C5 and C6 in my neck. It is a fairly large mass for something that shouldn't be in your spinal column. Anyway, we've only been watching this thing. It's been ok, aside from causing me to now have the cervical spinal stenosis. I should also mention that after the ICU stay I've been monitored for "pre-lymphoma". I don't know that I've ever heard of this, but my blood counts have been off, I have the unexplained fatigue {but who as a mom doesn't?}, nightsweats that are horrible, loss of appetite etc. But a bone marrow biopsy I had last year came back as only a small amount of material to be biopsied, but other than that, fairly normal. Final decision with my Hemo Oncologist was that we'd just wait and see.

So back to Thursday, and the lotion incident. I found a new tumor. But this one is "feelable". It is in the middle of my clavicle. Supraclavicular tumor is how my GP called. it. Thankfully it is still small {about a 1 CM size}. But it is firm, not very mobile. My dear Poppa who passed away in August was incidentally diagnosed with Non Hodkins Lymphoma in March. This brought back all my fears, but I had been doing ok.

My next step is to wait for an ultrasound of that area. And then we go from there.

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  1. Oh Diane, how unnerving! When is the ultrasound?

    Thinking of you!