Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Not much new has been going on. I've cut back on Liam's meds somewhat and he was not ready for that :( Monday he forgot his hoodie at school, so I sent him with a different one Tuesday. He forgot that one, as well as Monday's and as well as his lunch kit. Poor monkey. He's trying so hard & he has been doing so well.

And I decided to allow him to grow up somewhat--I set him up with his very own email address yesterday! Wow, how funny was I in reacting like he was getting married or graduating...But really, where did my 34 weeker NICU preemie miracle go? How is he to turn 9 in a couple of weeks? And I love that this year his birthday is the day before Thanksgiving {only happens once in a while}. Having him gives me so much to be thankful for.

Mikey is doing well in school too, I think. I've at least not gotten any phone calls from his teacher recently :). I am a little put out in that I dread every Friday. He comes home with his "Friday Envelope" and since school began, there is always a new form for me to sign asking permission to check him for this, that and the other. I get it--it is not a little boy in a "normal" little boy body. He is Mikey & he is unque. That being said, he is Mikey and a little boy still. He is not some sort of little guy that because he doesn't fit the "average" mold that there has to be more underneath & he MUST have other things going on with him. Yes his speech is a bit delayed. But he's been consistantly delay. In everything.

The weather is getting cold here and I nearly froze this morning when I rolled out of bed! It is strange to think that Guy and I are now entering full circle when measured by the seasons...We began in winter, been through spring and summer & are entering fall. Which will bring us to winter again...

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