Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here We Go...

I am going to start off by saying I will try my hardest to keep update with this Blog. It's been a quest for a long time, but for some reason work, kids and life in general seem to get in the way--and not neccessarily in that order ;)

I will begin with a little about me. My name is Diane and presently I am 32 years old. I have 2 beautiful boys; Liam is 8, will be 9 on October 11th, and Micheal {Mikey} is 5, will be 6 on December 19th. Both of my boys are miracles in themselves and their very being on earth is well deserved.

Liam was my baby that I thought I would never have. He was conceived after 2 pregnancy losses I had, the second loss was a set of Heterotopic twins. Liam's pregnancy was a trial from day one and his stubborness that he harbours today; no doubt helped to bring him into this world!

Mikey is Mikey! His pregnancy was a "fun" one as well. Although the problems with both pregnancies are very different, they were both very hard. Mikey has also been graced to carry the term "special needs" over his head for the rest of his life, although to know him there is nothing other than just "special" to him!

I will elaborate more on my little men when I have more time. For now though, that will have to tide you over.

I am engaged to a wonderful guy, Guy and although we were to be married this past summer, we decided it better to wait a little longer. Why rush when it's only a piece of paper, right honey ;) He has been a huge asset to mine and the boy's lives and every day is still so much fun. We are also very lucky in that I have a great relationship with Guy's parents with whom we all live together with. Yup so that's Guy's mom and dad, Guy and I and my boys. Over the summer we were lucky enough to even add Guy's 2 kids with us; his daughter Cloe, 14 and his son Xander, 4. Talk about a busy household! But I couldn't think of a better living arrangement for us right now.

I'm going to end this first post here, as I should get to work...


  1. Hi Diane! Just wanted to let you know I'm reading. Your boys are getting so big and handsome!

  2. Oh Emily! It's so nice to see you here--thanks so much for visiting and I think of you so often...